Yes, I’m still here

For the three of you who have actually viewed this site over the past few months…

First, thanks for coming. Hopefully, you read a little bit of the Fifth War and liked it. Chances are, though, you saw some of my older posts about updating the story in frequent chunks and wonder what’s been going on.

Well, what’s been going on is that I got a letter from Smashwords slapping my wrist for attempting this creative venture in the fashion I was going at it and basically telling me not to try it again. Oh well.

But, all hope is not lost! In the intervening time, I’ve been plugging away on the book just fine and recently finished my first draft of the final chapter. There are still some editing passes to be done, and I figure I’ll be done with those sometime in April. Then I’ll re-upload the whole novel (about 150,000 words) and it’ll be available on Smashwords, followed in a few weeks on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and other eReaders. Of course, I’ll have to charge a real price — probably $4.99 — but there should be room for extensive previewing. I’m thinking of making at least the first 8 chapters (out of 20) available, but I may go 10 or 12.

So yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. Oh, and I’ll be doing some slight revisions to my cover, as well. Sadly, I’m not an artist, so that’ll be the weakest part of the whole thing. I hope.

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