Gortheron Downed

The last few posts have been downers, so here’s some good news: My LOTRO kinship finally took down all the bosses in Ost Dunhoth! OK, so it was only on Tier 1. Yes, many other folks in my kin did it months ago when the instance first released. C’mon, I’m trying to be positive here!

The Balrog’s not so scary — oh, who am I kidding, he is.

If we all hit his kneecap at the same time, he’ll fall down.

Yeah, you talk big…

Oh, and you are big. My bad. Please don’t crush me.

What’s a master villain without his minions?

Hey, who’s that guy?

Not so big now, are you? ARE YOU?!?

All this was done wearing what I refer to as Thor’s “pimping outfit.” Because killing ultra-powerful gaunt lords ain’t easy.

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