So the weekend of LoL is complete. And now I’m a wee bit happier 🙂

Finally got around to trying the Dominion map last night, after losing every… single… game on the classic map. The results were much better, as I won three games in a row following a pair of early defeats. A couple more games this morning, including one with an AFK teammate, and I’m 4-4 overall, having placed 1st on my team in four of those eight games and 3rd in three others (but strangely, never second). I’m still playing Morgana mostly but switched to Garen (a defeat, though also one of my 1st place games) in one match where she got picked early.

So… yeah. I like this. Not in a “going to play until my eyes bleed” kind of way, but definitely more than I was expecting. I’ll be doing a Gaming Life video on it later, so I don’t want to go into exceptional detail about my opinions, but I will say that the one thing I thought I’d dislike the most, having seen videos of it, was how it seemed that gameplay was more about fighting minions than about fighting players. That really failed to appeal to me; I want to play what is essentially a PvP game by fighting other players, not by fighting the AI. The Dominion map makes a big difference here, putting most of the action in the players’ hands, rather than leaving it to minions. That, to me, is the reason I like that map/game mode better than the classic game, more so than the length or ebb and flow of the classic game. Sure, bite-sized 10-15 games are nice (especially at work, hee hee), but game length wasn’t really an issue for me. Less-than-intelligent teammates, well, that’s an issue.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sneak in another game before I go back to work…

Special thanks go out to my TWIMMO #64 co-host, Mike B., whose BFF Report I used as a guide to introduce me to the Dominion map.

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