From 1 to 20

So I’ve started work on our Top 20 Games of 2012 article for the next MOG, our yearly feature where we talk about the MMO games arriving in the coming year. “But Steve,” you might say, or would say if you called me Steve, which would be very odd seeing as how that’s not my name, “there probably aren’t 20 decent games coming out next year!”

That’s a matter of opinion, of course, but it’s still probably right. That’s why we’re going to go with a new system of “ranking” games, both for 2012 and beyond, using three metrics that will be run on a scale of 1 to 3. As I currently have them described in the article, they are:

Readiness: An indicator of how certain we are the game will launch in 2012.
3: Will definitely launch in 2012
2: Might launch in 2012
1: Probably won’t launch in 2012

Hype: A combination of marketing efforts, innovative features, and general excitement about the game among fans.
3: OMG can’t wait!
2: Sounds interesting
1: Who are you again?

Potential: A measure of earning potential/likely user base for the game.
3: Should be rolling in the dough
2: Should do all right, but not spectacular
1: Niche game

A game’s total “score,” i.e. the sum of its three factors, will determine where it falls in our rankings. So, a game that’s a 3-2-2 (7) will rank ahead of one that’s 1-3-2 (6). The first game is a confirmed 2012 release, while the second is one that we’re pretty sure won’t fall in 2012, even though the second and third numbers (2-2 for the first game, 3-2 for the second) would seem to indicate that the second is of a slightly higher quality. Ties — and there are plenty — will be broken by applying an intricate formula that utilizes both quantum mathematics and advanced computation theory. In other words, I’ll make shit up.

We have two games currently listed as 3-3-3’s, and you shouldn’t have to work too hard to guess what they are. We’ve also got one 3-3-2 and the rest are a total of 7 or lower. Can you guess them? And how do you think your favorite upcoming games will score?

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