TWIMMO #67 Post-Show

Once again, it was me and Mike B dishing out the dope rhymes and phat loot on teh TWIMMOs! Word!

OK, so my career as a hip-hop artist never took off. If it did, I’d have to call myself something like Vanillia Icier. Kids, you remember Vanilla Ice, don’t you? You don’t? Boy, I feel old…

The show.

  • Sad that my pig didn’t appear in this episode. He was hanging from the light in my living room, but that didn’t appear in my image as I was cropped. I’ll put him in a more advantageous position next time.
  • That travel mug really is a nice item. I have a similar one that I got from my last job, when we had some free licensed NASCAR stuff sitting around the office, and it’s plastic. The GBTV one is metal and all shiny on the inside (and shiny = good). I think it keeps drinks a little warmer/colder over time, too, but I haven’t had the chance to rigorously test it. And yes, I only had water in it.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: I really can’t believe I defended this game before. I’d never played it, and I was practically having a stroke hearing Mike describe some of its non-features. And to think I complain about DCUO’s controls… And then I said “Oh my god,” which just reinforces those hateful American stereotypes.
  • I remember when I first heard of the MMO concept years ago, I was flabbergasted at the notion that they would ask you to pay $50 for the box — the price of a regular game — and then pay more to keep playing. Right off the start, I thought, “Doesn’t your money come from subscribers? So shouldn’t you be trying to get as many of those as possible? And wouldn’t you do a better job of that if you offered your base game up for a low price, say $20 or so, or even for free, and then charged a sub?” Obviously, once the shine on the whole MMO concept wore off a bit, people started to realize that $50 just to try a game and then $15 more a month to keep at it wasn’t so hot an idea, and that’s why we have so many more F2P games (though I wish more would offer regular monthly, all-inclusive subscriptions). I don’t think FFXIV will survive this relaunch without some kind of discount to the box price. I know I’m not going to give it a try otherwise.
  • CCP: I wonder if the perceived overexpansion is the root cause behind some of the issues EVE has been having the past few months. Maybe the overworked staffer in charge of figuring pricing for the cash shop just said, “I’ve worked 70 hours this week… yeah, sure, $70 for the monocle.” I know I’ve had times like that. And then there’s the internal newsletter being leaked, and so on.
  • I always tremble when I’m asked to weigh in on EVE, which I know slightly more than nothing about. But hey, as long as I can sound like I know what I’m talking about, you’ll all believe it, right? 🙂
  • Personally, I’m saddened by World of Darkness being delayed, since I don’t play EVE and I’m sorta “meh” on DUST 514. I think WoD has the potential to be something truly cool and different, and Vampire is a 20-year-old RPG. When I was running the numbers for Comics & Games Retailer, D&D was always the #1 RPG and Vampire was #2 about 90% of the time. Granted, it was about a 3-1 or 4-1 ratio, but it was about the same ratio from Vampire to the next bunch of games, so it was solid.
  • Mists of Pandaria. Already covered.
  • WH40K Dark Milennium. March 31, 2013 is the last day of Q1 2013. I’m just sayin’…
  • If gameplay actually looks like that Space Marine game, this may move it from my “not interested” list to “intrigued.” My issue is that I’ve never been interested in any of the Warhammer miniatures games or any other related products (save that Blood Bowl league I was in for a few months), and I never played the WH Fantasy MMO. But hey, if I can saw orcs in half — er, excuse me, orks — maybe I’ll check it out.
  • Free-to-play doesn’t solve all your problems. A bad game is still a bad game.
  • LOTRO: I wasn’t hacked. Which is good, because I’d be really upset if my 650-ish gold across all my characters disappeared 🙂
  • The Secret World: I hate to say it, but I’m starting to feel a little too much “we’re the most amazing new thing on the planet” talk and not enough solid details about how it’ll work. When you say things like “the conflict influences everything” and “player conflict and factional MMO gameplay taken to the next level,” I expect that it will be something different, where there’s more to the game than just accumulating some kind of points by fighting in battlegrounds, or even in an open world. If you say your game is fought “from boardrooms to battlefields,” what does that mean exactly? Sounds like “a guy in a boardroom gives you a mission and you’ll fulfill it on the battlefield.” So… it’s really just resolved on a battlefield?
  • Thanks to one of my new Twitter followers, RodaSmash, for cluing me into a Dragon article posted last week. Who wouldn’t want to be kidnapped by a bunch of monks and stuffed into a van? Sign me up!
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