Dragon Departed

It took a handful of tries over a few nights, but last night my LOTRO kinship took down Draigoch, the supersized dragon boss from Rise of Isengard! No matter how bright my screen was in-game, however, the screenshots still come out looking a little dark, but hopefully you can still enjoy them:

The screenshot where we’re fighting the claw comes from Tuesday’s run; the rest are from yesterday’s, victorious run. Overall, the fight takes about 45 minutes, and you alternate between beating on the claws, which makes the dragon fall to the center of the chamber (while the tank holds aggro on the head, up above), and pounding the body — which has over nine million(!) morale — when he falls. We did beat it on Tier 2 Challenge, despite the billboard announcement. And I got mad l00t!

So, now that we’ve seen, and bested, the best this expansion has to offer, I’m both relieved and a little uneasy. Our kinship had stalled out badly on the last two big raids at level 65, to the point where I had all but stopped bothering to show up for long stretches of time, so it was great to get the big guy down in relatively short time. It’s given me renewed confidence in the kinship and hope for the future.

That said, it seems a little peculiar that, for all our struggles, we’d take the boss down in such relatively short order. Not to mention that several of our characters, new as they are to level 75, aren’t as fully geared as they could be. Just for beating the dragon in challenge mode, we all got a one-time bonus of second-age weapons, which will increase the DPS or healing of anyone who didn’t have one previously by about 10-15%, meaning that the next time through should be even faster.

Of course, this probably means that the next raid will be set up for people with those kind of weapons, not to mention all the fancy new armour, jewelry, skills, and so on that people are enjoying at 75. But this is probably the right way to do things. Ini the past, Turbine has tended to launch new content and level cap raises with a very difficult raid, which is made more difficult by the fact that people are still striving to accumulate gear and learn their characters. By starting with this “easy” (and visually cool) raid, it allows people to get their feet under them and accumulate some loot to prep them for the “real” challenge later. Me, I’m holding out hope for an evil hobbit wizard to topple…

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