Brilliant idea Thursday

Have you seen the trailer for the next Lineage game? It looks all kinds of awesome:

For whatever reason, I’ve never gotten into Diablo or similar games that use its “style” as Lineage Eternal seems to do, and the Dynasty Warriors-esque hack-and-slash appeal wore off on me about a decade ago. It’s when the game gets to the “drag skills” part (around 4:50) that I really perked up, though. “Now there’s an interesting mechanic,” I thought, “but will I really want to draw on my screen with my mouse every time I want to unleash a big attack?”

Cool as it looks, I’m undecided on that point just yet. But if there was ever a mechanic that was needed to bring MMOs to smartphones and tablets, this is it.

I fell into a burning ring of fire

I’ve only lightly looked into mobile MMOs, like Order & Chaos and Pocket/Star Legends, and they seem to me to be just like any other MMO, only smaller and crappier. Something that uses Lineage Eternal’s “drawing” tech is too perfect for an iPhone or iPad, or heck, even a Nintendo DS, if anyone ever wanted to make an MMO on that platform. In other words, mobile MMO developers, stop trying to copy World of Warcraft to mobile devices and actually come up with something that fits the platform.

So yeah, that’s my brilliant idea for Thursday. I’ll have another one in, oh, 2014. I know, you can’t wait.

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