New pages for the New Year

Just what the title says — I’ve added three new pages on the top navigation of the site.

MMO Buzz Index. This is a version of a chart that I maintained at Beckett to help keep track of various games’ activity and popularity and to help figure out what should go in the magazine. I’ve referenced it a few times before, both here (like in the Aion post) and on TWIMMO, and I thought I’d make it, or an abbreviated version of it, available. I’ll be updating it once a month, when new Compete numbers are issued, just like I used to do at Beckett.

Reader’s Choice Awards. On Friday, I’ll post the results of the 2011 Massive Online Gamer Reader’s Choice Awards. I really enjoyed running them and compiling the numbers, and I’d like to do something similar for 2012, but let’s be honest, this blog doesn’t exactly pull in the numbers needed to make such a promotion worthwhile 🙂 Oh well, I’ll think of something. You can also find out the results in the Mar/Apr 2012 issue of Massive Online Gamer, in stores now (or very soon, depending on where you live).

MMO games of 2012 (and beyond). Another feature in the Mar/Apr 2012 MOG, this was my attempt to categorize and rank the top 20 most anticipated games yet to come. This will be posted on Monday. This is something I definitely plan to do next year because, well, it’s all me and my semi-informed opinions 🙂

Hope you like them!

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