You Can’t Take the Skyrim From Me

Not satisfied with kicking Alduin’s overrated ass with my khajiit thief, and having explored only about half of Skyrim in the process (seriously; I didn’t even visit three of the hold cities), I decided to give the magic system a thorough walkthrough by creating a high elf mage. He’s evil. Really evil.

Black robes with a skull means he's a good guy, right?

But he’s not a “blow up the world” kind of evil. Rather, I like to think of him as manipulative and deceitful, and so he’s specializing in illusion and conjuration magic. And OMG is it a blast. Ever since I saw the first Skyrim demo video and saw how you could make NPCs attack each other by hitting them with a spell at range, I thought I’d want to give that mode of play a try, but I wasn’t sure how reliable it would be.

It’s very reliable.

My favorite trick is to make someone run away with a Fear spell, ideally into a group of his NPC allies or neutrals (town guards are great) and then hit him with Fury, forcing him to attack his fellows. Then, when he dies, I raise his corpse with a conjuration spell to continue the fight! Between my raised zombie (or atronach if there isn’t a handy corpse nearby) and my companion, I barely have to do anything. Destruction magic? Feh. I don’t dirty my hands with actual combat, that’s what minions are for! It’s like setting up a model train and watching it run around.

I used to be a flame atronach, until...

I’ll probably make a video next week showing off some of the highlights of this mode of play, but if you’re looking for something different from the typical hack-and-slash combat of Skyrim, I highly recommend giving this a try.

But if you do want to take the “blunt force” approach to gameplay, good luck beating out this crafted item. It’s not mine, but a friend’s, and it’s another great example of why a TES MMO wouldn’t be such a great idea. Imagine going up against someone wielding this in PvP:

Oh, and it paralyzes, too

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