Buzz Index Updated for January 2012

I’ve updated the Buzz Index, adding a few games that I’d not been tracking previously. (Who knew Fiesta Online was so huge?) At the risk of data overload, I’ve also added a few new charts that show the top movers in Facebook Likes and Twitter followers both in terms of raw numbers and percentage increase. I think both data sets are useful, both to get an idea of who the “giants” are (with raw numbers) and who’s made big strides to improve their fan base (via increased percentage). For example, it probably comes as no surprise that The Old Republic had the biggest uptick over the last month, but from a percentage standpoint, would you have guessed that #2 was PlanetSide 2, which actually did better on Twitter than TOR? Usually that sort of things comes with a significant PR push (and/or launch, in TOR‘s case), but I’m not aware of anything SOE did for PS2.

Some other observations:

With TOR having gone live, Guild Wars 2 is now the top unreleased game, followed by The Secret World, TERA, and Firefall. But you already knew that.

TOR‘s Facebook uptick is amazing. What it might mean is that, as much as it seemed like it was overhyped, a large number of people (at least on Facebook) weren’t following it all that closely. More people Liked it last month than had Liked it since the game’s FB page went live a couple years ago.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep tracking Star Wars: Galaxies, but it actually added Facebook Likes (606; 4.25%) and Twitter followers — er, “follower.” It was up one from last count. Should be interesting to see how this goes, since very few games lose FB or Twitter numbers.

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