A meta-post, if you will… I promise, I’ll only interrupt my usual hilariously entertaining and hard-hitting journalistic fare with this kind of stuff on rare occasions.

When I started this blog for real back in September, I had the notion that it would be a continuation of my previous sports-focused blogs with video-game stuff mixed in. That lasted about two weeks. Maybe it was my semi-beloved (that’s all I’m giving them after this last season) Vikings having a horrendous season, or maybe it was because I felt I’d have a better chance of getting a response with my gaming-related posts, but whatever the case, I’ve pretty much shifted to straight gaming content. I sort of meant to get back to blogging about sports and statistics but never quite got around to it.

Today I’ve almost entirely pulled the plug on the sports “half” of this blog, removing the sports-related categories and deleting some of the old posts. I’ve kept my 2011 NFL Predictions post, in case you want a good laugh (but hey, did I ever nail the two North divisions, and I was this close on the AFC Championship Game), and I’ll probably keep up with that every year and maybe even do a recap like I used to do. In the meantime, if you do have an interest in sports, particularly with a Minnesota or statistical bent, I heartily encourage the links on the right side of my page.

I will keep plugging my writing projects, however. Hey, did you know I wrote a book? Yes, I did! You can find out about it here. And if you buy it, I’ll even… uh, sign it? Can you do that to a digital book?

All right, enough introspection and administrative work for now. I’m only level 38 in SWTOR and the Imperials aren’t going to kill themselves…

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One Response to Refocusing

  1. I’ve had a similar sort of thing happen with my blog. I’m still posting my book reviews and tales from my writing life like the stubborn bastard I am, but only my WoW posts ever seem to draw much attention. Plus, talking about my gaming life is less depressing than talking about my actual life…

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