February Buzz Index Updated

I’ve crunched the numbers for this month’s Buzz Index. Some highlights:

Star Wars: The Old Republic comes this close to unseating World of Warcraft. SWTOR‘s been an absolute beast on Facebook, going from 416,781 likes in December to 1,119,935 in January to 1,691,542 in February. Not bad for a game that was “overhyped” that that everyone was supposedly already following for years.

Opinions of the beta are mixed, but TERA saw big jumps in its Facebook and Twitter followers.

F2P = good for your numbers. Star Trek Online saw its Compete numbers increase by 94% from December to January, and also surged on Facebook and Twitter.

In a couple of “joined at the hip” moments, Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars are back-to-back, in slots 11 and 12, and Final Fantasy XI and XIV are at 32 and 33.

I meant to keep tracking Star Wars Galaxies for a little longer… but it’s gone. The official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages are no more.

As usual, if there are any games you think that are missing that need to be on this list, let me know. Some I might be tracking but didn’t make the cut, while some I might have forgotten altogether. This month alone I added eight titles, with the biggest “How did I forget about that?” one being Dark Age of Camelot (which ranked #58).

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