The New!

About eight months ago, we got an e-mail in the Massive Online Gamer public folders asking if we’d like for one of our editors to appear on This Week in MMO, a weekly Internet TV show on Voracious as my ego is, I said “yes.” A few months and a half dozen or so appearances later, I was let go from Beckett and asked if GBTV might have any use for a washed-up magazine editor. “Hey, we’re looking at re-launching the site soon, so maybe,” came the (paraphrased answer).

This week, the “maybe” became a “yes.”

Most of you reading this are already GBTV fans and have been following the site’s updates for some time. For those who aren’t, I can say, without much exaggeration, that the new site is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I’d best equate it to something like, where you get “factual” news articles sometimes accompanied by short “opinion-y” video hits, like this one.

If we sound a bit rough around the edges when delivering our news hits, please have patience… it’s a new experience for all of us, and we’re all definitely trying our best and planning to improve 🙂 Not to mention that it’s easier to write about a game that I only have passing knowledge of than it is to talk about said game for two minutes. (Deal I made with my editor: “I’ll pretend to understand World of Warcraft if you can promise me I’ll never have to understand Eve Online.”) And on the occasions when our stories do match up with our knowledge, you’ll get something like this.

So yeah! Check out the site, leave some comments on the articles, or leave some here (or message me on Twitter) if you have suggestions. Enjoy!

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One Response to The New!

  1. Neat look so far, can’t wait to see where the site goes

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