March Buzz Index Answer: Guild Wars 2

It’s the answer to everything, don’t ya know?

Seriously, though, Guild Wars 2 was clearly the big winner in this month’s index, vaulting up six spots, from 11 to 5, in the overall rankings and nearly managing a clean sweep in the growth categories (where the original Guild Wars also didn’t do too shabby). I guess having a beta key sign-up where you draw 1,000,000 people does nice things for your popularity. Games should do that every month!

For comparison’s sake, GW2 now has about the same number of Facebook followers that Star Wars: the Old Republic did when I pulled its numbers just before its launch in December: 415,161 to 416,781. Since then, SWTOR‘s FB numbers have more than quadrupled (up 445% to be exact), so it’ll be really interesting to see if GW2 can keep the momentum going through and beyond launch.

Other notes:

  • Speaking of the positive effects of betas, TERA also finds itself on most of the top movers charts, but it really needs to work on its Facebook presence, ranking just 34th, while clocking in at #41 in website views.
  • Turns out actually launching is also good for your awareness. Wakfu went up from #47 to #37 following its Feb. 29 debut.
  • Going free-to-play is also usually good for a nudge, so we’ll see if EverQuest (currently #43) gets any mileage out of its F2P re-launch. (My opinion? Not so much.)
  • For a game that everyone seems to think is declining, it’s interesting that World of Warcraft has gained about 10% on its FB Likes each of the last two months. In fact, it’s sheer gain of 269,668 Likes would by itself place at #13 on the Facebook rankings!
  • Its overall numbers are still small, but I’m still impressed at how well PlanetSide 2 seems to grow each month.
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