Irrational Perspective

Last night, I found myself playing my hunter in LOTRO. The one who’s still level 65. Who’s wearing armour he got around three years ago. The freakin’ hobbit!

Now, for a non sequitur.

I’ve been trying my best to justify my time in SWTOR lately, largely because, well, I’m paying for it. I’ve always been very efficient when it comes to my money, trying to maximize my fun/cost ratio or somesuch. But with so many other free options available, and Guild Wars 2 being a semi-free option in the near future, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for me to keep my SWTOR subscription up once it expires. (Which means that one person who reads this blog needs to figure out what we’re going to do with those Empire characters we created on another server within the next month or so.)

But even if SWTOR off my plate, I’ve still got about half a dozen games I’d really like to play and a few more that are on my “I’m still kinda interested” list, all of which currently cost me nothing, being either free-to-play games or PC games I’ve already purchased. When faced with this question of what to play when money’s not a factor, I’ve found myself flitting from one to another, an hour here, an hour there, an hour and a half over there, never really sticking with anything for very long, as my Raptr page can probably attest.

"Do you think the orcs will see us coming?"

That’s why LOTRO‘s been down on my list lately. I’ve been thinking, “What will I have the most fun playing right now?” and making what I believed to be a rational decision based on my fun/cost ratio, with “time” replacing “money” as the primary factor of “cost.” The new content for LOTRO has gotten me slightly energized, but even that doesn’t explain why I ran around on my pseudo-lowbie hunter last night for an hour, even going so far as to update his armour (I had a lot of tokens left over from the last raid cluster) and doing a couple of quests on him. Chances are, I won’t get back on that hunter for another few months, because I’ve got two max-level characters, and a 68 lore-master that needs leveling first.

The thing of it is, repeating old content on a fourth-string character isn’t really fun, so that part of the equation also goes out of the picture. I think I did it because it was late, I’d been playing one of my other characters, and I didn’t really feel like trying to start up a new game just before I went to bed. I guess sometimes “logic” and “reason” just go out the window when you’re trying to figure out what game you want to play. Sometimes you’re just too lazy to try something new. That might explain why people are still playing —

Oops. Better not go there.

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One Response to Irrational Perspective

  1. dndhatcher says:

    Sometimes, especially when tired after a day at work, I just want to muck around and have some fun without the pressure to perform or be dependent on others. At those times, going back to a lower level alt or doing some solo questing is preferable to getting competitive in a MOBA or grouping for an elite mission in some MMO. Thats the really nice thing about non-sub games, you can play several occasionally as whim strikes, rather than having to force grind through one expensive sub game.
    On a similar note, by the time I get serious about STO again I’ll be rich from all the EC and Dilithium my duty crew will have obtained just from logging in and and spending a few minutes cycling duty missions a few times a week.

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