April Buzz Index Updated

Numbers, yay!

  • After vaulting up from 11 to 5, Guild Wars 2 drops to 7 this month. OMG OVERRATED! Probably not; it was probably just a little inflated from all the attention it got during its beta signups. And games still usually get a nice boost upon release, so look for GW2 to crack the top 5 again soon.
  • Slow but steady: The Secret World has nudged up from 26 to 22 to 20 the past three months.
  • Yeah, SWTOR is dying. I’m sure none of those 50,000+ people Like-ing it on Facebook actually bought the game.
  • Now, this is weird. Nadirim launched in December, so… I got nothing.
  • Finally, while I don’t usually remark on active games declining, I have to bring up All Points Bulletin losing over 85,000 people from its Facebook page. That’s a decline of about 14%. Games hardly ever decline in Facebook, and even then, sometimes just a fraction of a percentage point by games that are obviously declining. Any APB fans out there who can tell me if GamersFirst peed in everyone’s corn flakes last month?


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3 Responses to April Buzz Index Updated

  1. Sprinks says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I hate the fact that people spam, “X game is dying!” less than six months after its initial release. There are MMOs out there sustaining much smaller populations – (EQII, FFXIV, etc).

    • jasonwinter says:

      Was thinking about that the other day… one thing I will give those people is that the number of people required to sustain FFXIV or EQ2 is much, much lower than the number required to sustain SWTOR or Rift, both of which clearly have much larger budgets. 50k players for EQ2 would probably be fine, but 50k players for SWTOR would be a disaster.

      • Sprinks says:

        I’ll give you that, but I imagine that after box sales and monthly subs, the number of subs necessary to sustain something like SWTOR is probably lower than we think.

        I suppose my point is that even for games with smaller communities, there are always people there to play with, albeit usually much fewer than at launch.

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