May Buzz Index Updated

This time with a full month’s worth of numbers!

Keep in mind that these numbers only represent traffic through May 31, and thus do not represent any new buzz games might have received at E3. That’ll be taken into account in next month’s rankings.

  • There’s The Elder Scrolls Online, making its debut at #27, a few spots below the #23 I predicted for it last month. I’d expect website traffic — i.e. Compete — to drop markedly over the next few months as the initial rush for information dies down, but it did snag 23,583 FB Likes and 28,260 Twitter followers in its first four weeks, and it’s already nearly doubled its Twitter followers halfway through June, likely due to its big showing at E3.
  • If you’re curious about Pirate101, the other “big reveal” of the last month and a half, it’s at #53, and will probably crack the top 50 next month.
  • PlanetSide 2 is this month’s big mover, up 13 spots to #30. It’s another game that was extremely well-received at E3, as evidenced by the fact that it had 7,986 Twitter followers on May 31 — and has 18,666 as of this writing.
  • It’s pretty evident that games in development are more likely to attract new people than already-existing games. The Twitter movers (Raw) chart includes four unreleased games while the percentage movers chart includes six — and each also includes TERA, which launched on the first of May. Next month, expect to see The Elder Scrolls Online dominate both lists.
  • Last month, it was Dofus making a bizarre move on the top 10 lists. This month, it’s Bigpoint’s Drakensang Online. I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know what it is.
  • Where did Final Fantasy XIV‘s official Facebook page go? I don’t know. I had to remove it from the listing, giving it zero Likes. Does anyone know if there’s still one out there? Anywhere? Bueller?
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3 Responses to May Buzz Index Updated

  1. dndhatcher says:

    Drakensong had a spring festival, new level-cap content release and reaching 5 Million accounts celebration with lots of promotions on facebook/twitter

    • dndhatcher says:

      It doesnt seem to hard for a smaller game to make a huge percentage jump when they move seriously into social media promotions for the first time.

      • dndhatcher says:

        If perfectworld decides to start promoting on social media as much as Cryptic does, they could make 6 of the top 50 games jump up several slots.

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