June Buzz Index Updated

Hooray, beer! I mean — hooray, numbers!

So where did WoW get all those new Likes on Facebook? I wondered the same thing on Twitter, and, after someone else put in his two cents, no less an authority than Bashiok himself stated that FB had consolidated some of their fan pages. I’d seen similar, unexplained jumps for other games, and this might explain them nicely. It also shows that, as much fun as these numbers are to look at, they’re still wildly imperfect. But hey, they’re better than nothing.

In the “somewhat more legit” category, The Elder Scrolls Online only went up three spots on the combined list but it’s exploding on Twitter. It’s also one of the few games that has more Twitter followers than Facebook Likes, which I think is a trend we’re more likely to see more newly announced games. Maybe it’s just me and my personal habits, but it seems like Twitter is ascending while FB has peaked and is maybe even declining.

And speaking of big risers, take a look at PlanetSide 2. It was #43 two months ago, #30 last month, and #20 this month. Every month it seems to be in the “big gainers” columns for FB and Twitter percentages, and this month is breaks into the raw totals lists too.  I gotta say, SOE’s PR team is doing a great job of promoting this game. Oh, and I got a beta key this weekend 🙂

And here are The Secret World‘s ranks since January: 27-26-22-17-11-10. And this doesn’t even include its actual release month of July.

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