50 MMOs In 50 Days

Because I haven’t had a good, long-term project in a while, and this blog needs a bit more love.

Over the next 50 days, I’ll be writing a capsule review of each MMO that I’ve played significantly, or at least enough that I feel confident writing about it. I’ll name at least one good and one bad point, and, so as to preserve my sanity (and serve as examples in brevity), they’ll be limited to 500 words. They aren’t meant to be comprehensive but should give you a decent idea of what I thought about the game, whether I played it for five hours or 500.

Yes, I know it’s a little silly to “review” an MMO that you’ve only played for five hours, but on the other hand, how many times have you given up on a game, especially a free-to-play one that you have no financial investment in, after that much time or less? And in how many did you reach and really experience “endgame”? It says something (usually not something good) if a game can drive you away that quickly, so even “first impression” reviews of games that I have such limited experience with can be useful. For the most part, I won’t be getting deeply into a game’s mechanics and concentrating more on what I felt about it.

When I was putting the list together a few nights ago, I came up with 30 games I felt I’d played enough of to write at least a minimal review, another 18 I was kinda meh about with regards to my playing time, and a handful that I’d barely played. I decided to define my cutoff qualification as “a game that I played on more than one day,” thus eliminating something I’d played a demo version of at a convention or for a stream or for some other work-related reason. That let me get the final two games on my list. There are still a few games on the list that I only played because I had to write about them for a magazine or website, and that I dropped right after my obligation was finished, but I at least got into them for a handful or more hours over several days.

Also, I’ll be pretty strict with my definition of “MMO”: no lobby-based games, no online card games, and no low-server-pop, “non-massive” games, like DayZ (which I haven’t played anyway). There will be a few games on the list, like Guild Wars and Path of Exile, that don’t quite feel as open-world as your typical MMO, but they’re close enough for me.

As to the format of the posts themselves, I’ll include the last time I played the game, so you’ll know my impressions are based on the game’s state at that time. I’ll also be including my experience level with the game, using the following scale:

Very Minimal (18 games): Played it for five hours or so tops, and got out as soon as I could. In a traditional MMO, probably didn’t even reach level 10.

Minimal (13): Played it a little while and had some interest beyond my obligations, but still didn’t get very far. About level 11-20.

Extensive (11): Played quite a bit, and was probably interested in the game beyond any obligations. Reached level 20+.

Very Extensive (8): Played a lot (100+ hours), might have been considered my “main game” at one time, and probably reached endgame.

Finally, I’ll be listing the games in alphabetical order, which is a lot easier than trying to rank them by time played or by preference. Plus, that allows me to save that one game for last.

This has gone on far longer than any of the posts I intend to make. I’ll write a few in advance and schedule them to go up every day at the same time, and they should be autoposted to my Twitter as well. So if you want to make sure not to miss them, either follow me there or follow this blog.

So, sit back and enjoy. Maybe you’ll see some old favorites, some new non-favorites, and maybe a few games you never even heard of, much less played. See you in 50 days!

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4 Responses to 50 MMOs In 50 Days

  1. I’ve missed “Old Man Winter’s” extended grumblings on the MMO industry. I’m Looking forward to your thoughts on so many different MMO’s, here’s hoping FFXI is on the list.

  2. I didn’t even know there were that many MMOs! I’m very excited to see your list and maybe find some new games for myself 🙂

  3. zax19taken says:

    BTW after some of the comments it would be cool if you jumped back in some of the games that interest you, it’s an opportunity for some follow-up articles, assuming you won’t go crazy after the 50 days xD

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