50 MMOs in 50 Days #32: Monkey Quest

Last played: 2011
Experience: Minimal

Like Gods & Heroes, my first exposure to Monkey Quest came because of a guide I was working on for a magazine at Beckett. Unlike Gods & Heroes, though, I thought Monkey Quest was a pretty good game.

…and as I look at the website to get a link for this piece, I see that it’s closing in less than a month. Well.

Monkey Quest is (was?) made my Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds, the same team behind Neopets. (Well, Neopets was, at the time, run out of the same office. I don’t know if the exact same people who made Neopets made Monkey Quest.) It was a 2-D browser-based MMO with a 3-D background and foreground. In other words, you could travel across a bridge and your character would move between different “levels” of the game. I thought that was pretty neat, and it added a nice touch that most games of its nature don’t usually have.

As you’ve probably guessed, the world was occupied by monkeys, living in the jungle world of Ook. There were the usual MMO elements, like quests, items, crafting, puzzles, and so on, and it seemed to me to be an entertaining, well-made product. I didn’t stick with it much after my project was done, but I had a clue to the game’s depth and their future plans for it, and I felt like I would recommend it to anyone looking for that kind of game.

Judging by this recent features video, it looks like they did a pretty good job of keeping the game updated:

Nickelodeon’s not a small company, though, and I wonder if they expected Monkey Quest to be as big as Neopets or similar fare like Club Penguin and Wizard101. They gave it a lot of marketing dollars (some of which went to our magazine, natch) and even a spot on the 2011 Nick Kids’ Choice Awards that was aired right around the game’s launch, so I’d have to think expectations were fairly high. They were probably patient enough to give the game a while to grow – three years and change, as it turns out – but I guess in the end, it didn’t attract the kind of audience it needed to sustain itself. When I visited their office, I got to meet some cool people working there; some have moved on, and I hope the others land on their feet.

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