50 MMOs in 50 Days #38: Requiem

Last played: 2008
Experience: Minimal

Requiem does everything I hate in MMOs. It’s a Korean import, it has typically grindy quests, the lore is poorly written and mostly undecipherable, and (blargh) it has no invert camera option.

And for a few weeks back in 2008 or so, I liked it.

I say “2008 or so,” because I’m not totally sure when I played it. I think it was just before the first Lord of the Rings Online expansion came out in the fall of that year, when I was looking for something new-ish to try while I waited for the expansion. I decided to search for a more “adult” MMO, and I saw a trailer for Requiem, which looked all spooky and bloody, and I figured “why not?”

It was… interesting. I liked the world’s bleak, post-apocalyptic feel that didn’t seem overly formulaic – think post-searing Ascalon in Guild Wars. Characters were some kind of altered humans, which explained whey they had such wacky powers. My kruxena assassin made blood squirt out of the many holes she punctured in the game’s monsters, which were somewhat grotesque, but not especially horrifying – or maybe I’ve just grown accustomed to such things.

Requiem is sort of a poor man’s Aion or TERA (in fact, I named my similarly blue-skinned Aion assassin after my Requiem character) and it was free-to-play from the start, which made it attractive at a time when there weren’t many options for that in the West that weren’t 2-D sidescrollers like MapleStory or exceptionally primitive games like RuneScape. It played pretty much like a regular MMO, and at the time, that was all I wanted. Obviously, I haven’t touched it in six years, so it didn’t hold my attention that completely, but when I saw someone stream it for Halloween a couple of years ago, I got a little nostalgic.

Glancing at the most recent update page for the game, it looks like they’re adding TERA-style BAMs, in the form of Nightmare Monsters, and you can transform into a monster. Of course, the pages have that dubious Engrish that makes me wince (“Registration of Possession Beast” – which itself makes me think of how comical it would be to have to register your hellbeast transformation, like there’s a DMV-style line you have to stand in).

I wouldn’t exactly recommend Requiem – hell, 2014 me would probably tell 2008 me to GTFO if he did – and I don’t know that I’d ever go back to it, or wonder if I could even reclaim my account after so long, but if I could, it might be fun to do for an evening or two – if only to see how much it would drive me nuts now that I’ve got a lot more MMO experience under my belt.

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