My Most Played MMOs, And Some Scary Math

The entries in 50 in 50 were alphabetical, because it seemed the simplest recourse. I didn’t want to sort them by how much I liked them, which would have been a subjective nightmare. Still, I think I’d like to try at least a little bit of a non-alphabetical sorting method, so here are my top 10 MMOs by (sometimes estimated, sometimes not) time played.

When I can, I’ll use Raptr’s tracking to help me sort things, but since I only signed up for Raptr in mid-2011, there will be quite a few holes. In a few cases, I was able to recall /played (or whatever it is in various games) to some degree, so I can use that as well, though I haven’t logged into any of these games to specifically see how long I’ve played them.

1) The Lord of the Rings Online

No question this is #1. I remember running a /played on my main a while back and it was right around three months. (A LOTRO “month” is exactly four weeks.) That’s 2,016 hours. On one character.

2) Guild Wars 2

By comparison, my Raptr says I have 1,546 hours in Guild Wars 2. Even though that doesn’t count around 200 hours when it wouldn’t track the game for me last summer, it’s not even close.

3) PlanetSide 2

Third place is a very distant third. Raptr says I’ve spent 267 hours in PS2.

4) City of Heroes

Here’s where I have to start making things up. I logged most of my CoH time in my first seven months. I think I resubbed twice in the following years and played briefly during a couple of free weekends and when it went fully F2P. I would have needed to average around 35 hours/month in those first seven to “beat” PS2, and I just don’t know. 35 hours/month seems like not a lot for an MMO now, and I certainly exceeded that during my first couple of months of CoH, but I just don’t believe I maintained that pace throughout. I’d estimate my total play time at around 200-250 hours.

5) Rift

Raptr only has me for 71 hours in Rift but most of my play time occurred before signing on to the service. My original subscription was actually still active when I joined Raptr, but I know I didn’t play much those last few months. I’d guess it’s around 200 hours total.

6) Guild Wars

If I recall correctly, I got 168 hours (of which 77 are recorded on Raptr) when I did a /age command the last time I played. Really doesn’t seem like that much.

7) Star Wars: The Old Republic

Here’s another “doesn’t seem like that much,” but Raptr says I played 144 hours. That’s gross. (Get it? Ha!) It would probably be more like 44 hours if I hadn’t sat through all the cut scenes.

8) The Secret World

Again, we have a big drop, as Raptr tracks me at 53 hours. This is one where it almost seems like I’ve played it longer, or maybe it just didn’t seem so long because the content was suitably interesting. That’s a good thing, right?

9) Star Trek Online

Raptr completely blew a gasket when I got back into STO in early 2012 and was unable to track any of my play time. I’d guess I did about 20-25 hours both in my initial run in 2010 and with my resurgence a couple years ago, for a total of 40-50.

10) World of Warcraft

This one was tough. On the one hand, Raptr has me at 40 hours of The Elder Scrolls Online. My 11 tracked hours for WoW came late last year, but I did play, semi-seriously, for a few months in 2010 after coming on board with Beckett. Did I play for 29 or more hours? And was it enough not to beat out STO? I think it’s close, but I’ll give the nod to WoW here, if only because several hours of my TESO time was spent in beta, so it only-kinda counts.

All in all, it seems kinda weird to me that I only have 11 MMOs (counting TESO) that I’ve spent as much as 40 hours in. That’s a reasonably solid month of play for most people. Makes me feel not-quite-hardcore.

Then again, if you count those 11 games, using Raptr or my estimates (adding about 1/2 of my main’s time in LOTRO to account for alts), it adds up to 5,830 hours, or about 243 days. And that doesn’t count the smaller amounts of time I’ve spent in other games, which would probably add a few hundred more hours. And time spent in non-MMOs, which would easily push me past a year. Raptr alone has me on the hook for 5,186 hours since I signed up a little over three years ago.

I’m not sure whether to feel accomplished or ill.

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4 Responses to My Most Played MMOs, And Some Scary Math

  1. “I’m not sure whether to feel accomplished or ill.”

    I know the feeling. I’ve never done a /played on any of my WoW characters. I’m frightened of what number will pop up. I’ve been playing my rogue since I was a teenager. I don’t even want to think about what her /played time would be.

    Steam shows I’ve logged 430 hours in TSW, and that’s just since I started playing it through Steam (which was roughly six months after I got the game). That alone is a scary number.

    I’m not entirely surprised there are only a handful of games you’ve spent a significant amount of time in. I’ve played a crapton of MMOs (most of your fifty, plus one or two you didn’t mention), but I spent less than twenty hours in nearly all of those. The only ones I’ve spent more time in are WoW, TSW, Neverwinter, and probably Aion. In my totally subjective and unsubstantiated experience, most core MMO players try nearly every game that comes out but only settle on a handful that they play regularly.

  2. zax19taken says:

    I still spend unhealthy amount of time around the PC but I’ve been trying to do only things that I enjoy with respect to the time invested. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been playing MMOs lately. There are just too many games, TV shows and the like. If it’s not fun, I’ll drop it and go to something else. So personally, I’d think about the fun vs. time ratio for the MMOs you play.

  3. Pasduil says:

    I didn’t know about the /played command.

    Not sure whether I dare to see the answer on my LOTRO main!

  4. Pasduil says:

    I did go and look, and if I got calcs right it was a little bit less that 1,300 hours on main, about 2,700 on all LOTRO chars. About 16 weeks solid. Frightening when you look at it that way.

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