100 Levels Of Captain On The Wall…

When I got to the first level cap on my main in The Lord of the Rings Online, 50, I went back through my quest log and counted every quest I’d done, just to see what it added up to. I think the result was 620 — something in that vicinity, in any case.

I just hit the newest cap, 100, a few days ago, and decided to do it again. If the first 50 levels took 620 quests, how many do you think it took to get the next 50?

I'll have a case of Bud to go with that Fear

I’ll have a case of Bud to go with that Fear

The answer: 2,608 more, for a total of 3,228, the last being “A Case of Fear.” Repeatable quests are only listed once, so they’re only counted once, so the actual number of times I turned in a quest to an NPC is higher than that.

LotRO breaks down quests by category, usually related to the area they were completed. I did the most quests in Mirkwood (152), followed by Enedwaith (129). The #3 category is Festival, with 114. Apparently, I’m the festive sort.

10 categories clocked in with just one quest completion each, including The Dead Marshes, a new area I’ll revisit later and whose total I’ll add to, and two quests in PvP areas. I’ve also completed one hunter class quest… on my captain.

The Epic Story, which is broken down into volumes, books, and chapters, and tends to deal with the most lore-rich material, clocks in at 658 quests, or more than I did total on the road to 50. Fans of the game won’t be surprised to learn that the interminable Volume III, Book 4 had the most quest completions in this group, at 59.

Quests that start with the “Moria” region count for 229 of the total; “Dunland,” 157; “Gap of Rohan,” 70; “Wildermore,” 49.

Overall, I have 141 categories listed for my captain, which makes for an average of 22.9 quests per category.

I wonder if Lilrose ever found that group

I wonder if Lilrose ever found that group

Finally, it took me eight months to get the first 50 levels on my character. The next 50 took just under seven years.

It was a fascinating look back at my captain’s history, and I was honestly surprised by some of the results. Enedwaith at #2 surprised me, as did finding I’d done the same number of quests in the Lone-lands (64), which I stayed in forever, as I did in the North Downs, which I thought I skipped half of. And did I really only do three Carn Dum and two Ered Luin quests?

At least I think I know where that hunter quest came from…

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1 Response to 100 Levels Of Captain On The Wall…

  1. It can be interesting to go back and look at the history of our online avatars. I think one of the appeals MMOs have over single-player titles (at least for me) is how you can stick with one character indefinitely and build an enormous amount of history for them.

    One of my few regrets about WoW’s old world revamp in Cataclysm was that it completely broke old world achievements for pre-Cata characters, so I no longer have any accurate record of my Wrath-era characters’ exploits pre-Shattering.

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