How Many Presidents Are Alive?

This has nothing to do with video games. It’s just a little thing I started on late last year and thought today — President’s Day — would be a good day to finally finish it up. Feel free to move on if you don’t like some very trivial trivia.

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Why Joystiq/Massively Was Shut Down

Well, obviously because it didn’t make enough money.

So why didn’t it make enough money? Traffic was good, up 40% year-to-year, as Brianna Royce reported. But all the page views in the world don’t matter if you’re not making money off of them, and that was probably the issue – and it’s not one unique to the Joystiq network.

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Reading a forum thread talking about DayZ hate — not a thread of DayZ hate but people talking about why people hate on DayZ. The OP admitted that the game had its issues, but he’s had a lot of fun in it, and people should know that it’s an alpha/early access game and that, to put it mildly, shit’s gonna be broken. But a lot has improved, and there’s a lot more to come, so what’s the big deal? Why all the hate?

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100 Levels Of Captain On The Wall…

When I got to the first level cap on my main in The Lord of the Rings Online, 50, I went back through my quest log and counted every quest I’d done, just to see what it added up to. I think the result was 620 — something in that vicinity, in any case.

I just hit the newest cap, 100, a few days ago, and decided to do it again. If the first 50 levels took 620 quests, how many do you think it took to get the next 50?

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My Most Played MMOs, And Some Scary Math

The entries in 50 in 50 were alphabetical, because it seemed the simplest recourse. I didn’t want to sort them by how much I liked them, which would have been a subjective nightmare. Still, I think I’d like to try at least a little bit of a non-alphabetical sorting method, so here are my top 10 MMOs by (sometimes estimated, sometimes not) time played.

When I can, I’ll use Raptr’s tracking to help me sort things, but since I only signed up for Raptr in mid-2011, there will be quite a few holes. In a few cases, I was able to recall /played (or whatever it is in various games) to some degree, so I can use that as well, though I haven’t logged into any of these games to specifically see how long I’ve played them.

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50 MMOs in 50 Days #50: Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

Last played: 2009
Experience: Minimal

Wait, what? How is this an MMO worthy of discussion? Is it even an MMO? I think it is, and I also think it has a system I wish more MMOs that are trying to be “different” would adopt.

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50 MMOs in 50 Days #49: World of Warcraft

Last played: 2013
Experience: Extensive

[I know I originally said this would be last. Had a change of plans, decided that one of the MMOs on my list wasn’t sufficiently MMO enough while another that I’d forgotten about was MMO enough to be included. Don’t worry, I’m preserving the alphabetical order!]

There was a bit on ESPN several years ago, that said baseball in America and soccer in Brazil were the same: slow-paced, older sports that, if they didn’t already exist, would have a hard time catching on with today’s fast-paced, action-first sports fans. Seriously, think about it: Would baseball stand a chance against football, auto racing, basketball – not to mention a host of other entertainment options – if it were introduced today? Probably not.

World of Warcraft is the baseball of the MMO world. It continues to thrive not so much because of its quality but because it’s just there – and, for people who started their MMO careers with it, it always has been.

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